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Elientele:Japan, Germany, the United States, Italy, 

                Singapore and northern Europe

Intentional customers:Europe, Americ

Produced:All kinds of medium and high grade sofa. 

Address:2111 yongxing road, pinghu economic

              development zone, jiaxing, zhejiang provinc

Tel:+86-0573-8555 8888

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Company profile

         Zhejiang ever bloom Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a specialized in a variety of high-end sofa manufacturing company, the company respected the "quality ? grade ? character ? supreme ? eternal!" Heng Baolong unique entrepreneurial spirit and quality To serve as the foundation for survival, with meticulous service as the cornerstone of development, to carry out work in realistic conditions and to carry out all lean work for the eternal concept of sustainable development!



         The company has 50 million registered capital and more than 500 employees,Factory floor 50,000 square meters. Since its founding, the company has strictly required the attention to detail in manufacturing, ecological and environmental protection, efficient and comfortable humanized management mode and manufacturing philosophy. In the material, all use quality environmental protection material, high quality high precision accessories; In production, focus on energy conservation, emission reduction, reuse, water cycle treatment, air purification treatment. The company adopts advanced machine assembly line equipment, mechanized production and high quality environmental green paint, which guarantees the quality of products and reduces the harm to the environment.

         Constant  ever bloom  hangjiahu plain center is located in the Yangtze river delta, near Shanghai, ningbo, suzhou and hangzhou, adjacent to hangzhou bay cross-sea bridge north wiring and three highway entrance, three highway entrances and exits are only 10 minutes drive distance, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, is advantageous to the customer convenience.


Our advantage


Detail oriented

The company adopts advanced machine assembly line equipment, 

mechanized production and high quality environmental protection green paint

Ensure the quality of products, and reduce the harm to the environment.


Production  experience

We have many years of production experience, 

to bring you the best products and services, so that you can rest assured.


Excellent sales staff

We take the meticulous service as the cornerstone of development, 

the quality of service attitude, to give you a different supplier.