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The summit with China's home green supply chain will boost the industry's self escalation

On the morning of 9 December 15, 2017, the summit of China green home supply chain will be held at the multi-functional hall 2, building A, hall 3, Houjie Modern International Exhibition Center, Dongguan, Guangdong. The top Chinese summit is by a group of outstanding China Home Furnishing industry devoted to the design and development, raw materials, hardware accessories, information technology, new technology, new materials and new equipment, modern logistics, electronic business platform in the field of Enterprise Co sponsored Home Furnishing industry platform to build high-quality green supply chain (abbreviation FGSCS:Fuinishing Green Supply-Chain Summit English). The FGSCS target is positioned to help the top 1000 furniture and custom home enterprises in China to find the top 100 suppliers, build the core competitiveness of China's home enterprises through 1000? 100 mode, and rebuild the green supply chain system of enterprises.

Green supply chain in China's home industry

Competitiveness of the supply chain is the competitiveness and strategic orientation of the enterprise

The competition between enterprises is not only the competition of products in price, but also the competition of value chain, the competition of culture, the competition of brand, and even the competition of capital. Among them, building the competitiveness of the supply chain system of enterprises is to create the core competitiveness of enterprises. Many large enterprises also reinventing the value chain of supply chain as a reshaping of the important strategic positioning of enterprises.

This summit, from Mr. Trout, chief strategist of Chen Yilun, combined with many years of practical experience of enterprises, takes "positioning: the way of survival under industrial restructuring" to share the competition pattern of enterprise positioning and industrial restructuring.

In China, Trout localization theory has been the most respected entrepreneurs learning strategy thoughts, Trout (Chinese) will be brought to the world's best strategic positioning practice China, for many well-known enterprises, enterprise strategic planning, grasp the strategic opportunity, strategic risk aversion, high efficiency and create a customer, to win the competition. Mr. Chen Yilun translated "positioning" the father of Jack? Mr Trout's book, "obviously", and Trout (Chinese) Company as a strategic advisor for Dong'e E-Jiao, JDB, Langjiu, Kunlun Mountains, Angel, Nobel and many other well-known enterprises using tile positioning theory, the development of opportunities to win.

The summit also invited to the most influential in the custom industry expert and chief consultant, Jianzhong Chi founder Hou Dingwen Ms. share supply chain management secret customization. In Chinese, Ms. Hou Dingwen for 3 years to create a new sales model China high-end tile, boosting the sales of high-end products Chinese ceramic industry confidence; and in 3 years, the German brand successfully grafted to the Chinese market, established foreign brands China fast market-oriented mode. The depth of service of more than 30 brands, to create hundreds of market model, to achieve the theoretical ground, produce benefits, the industry not only stay in the program and verbally created a precedent of occupation service efficiency.

Innovating the green supply chain system to lead the industry to upgrade itself

This year, the environmental protection storm swept the country again, the Home Furnishing industry has experienced a "environmental test". The China home green supply chain summit focuses on environmental protection, and is committed to sustainable development strategy, aiming at achieving coordinated development of supply chain upstream and downstream, and guiding home business to conform to the concept of green development. Only under the support of the green supply chain system will the enterprise design and produce green and environmentally friendly home products. The summit as a super green horse black technology enterprises in Shenzhen science and technology limited company co-founder Earl can /CEO Mr. Xu Yonggang to share core technology of MDF low temperature eller electrostatic powder coating technology. Low temperature electrostatic powder available new El with water environmental protection coating of UV technology solutions (coating equipment, coating and coating process), applied to the artificial fiber board, production process automation completely green (zero VOCs and low dust emission), finished "zero VOCs and zero zero formaldehyde, benzene, sand grain, matte and high light piano paint surface effect of various physical and chemical indexes are better than the traditional coating technology; redefine furniture painting environmental connotation, make Chinese furniture environmental protection level reached world leading level

Improving the gold content of the national brand and promoting the value system of China's supply chain

China's national brand has risen, and China's manufacturing is making rapid progress towards China, creating the leading brand of the world, becoming the current goal of Chinese home enterprises. For example, Dongtai hardware as the representative of the leading enterprises in various aspects, has been far beyond the well-known foreign brands of products. Mr. Yang Jianhua, deputy director of the national furniture quality supervision and inspection center to "national brand DTC Dongtai hardware benchmarking international famous brand" as the theme of a profound speech. The national furniture quality supervision and inspection center is one of the earliest professional organizations of furniture inspection in China. It is one of the most professional and competent furniture testing laboratories in China. In a recent International Conference on Dongtai brand, as the National Hardware industry proud, Dongtai hardware products a number of indicators are leading international counterparts, which also marks the China Home Furnishing brand by the low-end to high-end forward, is to achieve the transformation and upgrading.

Packaged hardcover estate industry A new force suddenly rises., Home Furnishing integration outside the box

In 2017, with the explosive growth of the whole industry and the rapid landing of the real estate hardcover policy, the whole body and the hardcover market suddenly became a hot topic, and the home decoration industry is facing a major shuffle. How to cooperate with the real estate enterprises and how to cooperate with the downstream home enterprises will be the focus of both upstream and downstream enterprises. Ou Hao as the home industry a dark horse, ready to focus on the industry and the community through the integration of the rapid rise of the decoration, garden, Huaxia happiness, sunshine city resources such as housing prices, in the industry to move the community Jiezhuang qianyiji market, in September 2017 to join BOLONI open integration drama community Jiezhuang market. Ou Hao Group Chairman Mr. Benson Zhang with "Home Furnishing enterprises and real estate and home business cooperation" on this issue, ready to share how to build supply chain system of enterprise, enterprise, community renovation and real estate enterprises, and through build the strongest supply chain system to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, achieve rapid geometric growth of enterprises.

Also attending the meeting to share the latest technology and technology from Haier, hardware, 3D model, stone, etc., Kung Fu Bo North oupaike industry well-known enterprises and supply chain enterprises. In addition, more than more than 2000 home furnishing and customization enterprises also participated in the summit. The whole series of activities lasted for two days, becoming the largest, the most powerful and practical joint meeting of the whole industry chain this year.

The top China Home Furnishing Green Supply Chain Summit is sponsored by Guangzhou in the Exhibition Co. Ltd., the National Federation of furniture industry association, Guangdong province Home Furnishing Industry Association jointly sponsored, multi power industry gathered in Dongguan Houjie, a major event China Home Furnishing industry achievement. The rich content and pertinent topics will bring about a far-reaching impact on the green home industry chain in China's home industry.